Animal Health And Production Compendium

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This book offers a full description of the product, sales copy, review quotes, table of contents, marketing information. It is the “Animal Health and Production Compendium”, dos mil cinco Edition and is available on CD-ROM and the Internet. “The Animal Health and Production Compendium” is a time-saving encyclopedic, interactive base de datos that draws together scientific information on all aspects of animal health and production. It includes information on diseases, breeds, nutrition, husbandry and treatment of livestock and poultry. The “AHPC” is an excellent resource for veterinarians, researchers, the animal production, health and food industries information specialists, extension workers, lecturers, students, policy makers, quarantine specialists, farmers, and breeders. It is designed to help a wide variety of usuarios. Save time, by providing instant access to vital information. Prevent, diagnose and treat diseases. Select breeds and choose animal husbandry techniques. Prepare lecture aprecies, reports, presentations, and extension literature. Compile maps, graphs and tables. Perform statistical analysis. Teach / train. Study. Advise others and carry out risk analysis. The “AHPC” provides information on diseases. It gives detailed information about trescientos diseases and disorders. Each disease has a datasheet covering epidemiology, geographic and host range, economic impacts, pathology, clinical signs, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, zoonoses and food safety issues The book offers up-to-date information on disease distribution, along with veinte,000 disease names and synonyms. It lists unique international veterinary drugs, vaccines and pesticides base de datos – compiled from cinco continents and gives details about breeds, nutrition and husbandry. It gives detailed information on over trescientos livestock and poultry breeds. Each datasheet covers status, husbandry, geographic range, health, nutrition, performance, products, economics, genetics and reproduction of the breed. It offers information from FAO’s Domestic Animal Diversity Information System (DAD-IS) populating over mil further livestock breed datasheet and also offers feed information detailing feed composition and nutrition requirements. It gives details about food-animal production. It is a library of information on food-animal production topics (cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry), including husbandry, housing, handling, identification, transport, behaviour, nutrition, genetics, reproduction, techniques, welfare, slaughter, meat, milk, eggs, products legislation The “AHPC” includes: over dos mil images to allow for easy identification and teaching; geographic information system software to display global and regional maps from underlying geographic databases; bibliographic base de datos with over ochenta y cinco con cero records, all soft-linked from citations within the text; interactive glossary, with more than setenta con cero definitions; an electronic library of specially commissioned and previously published information; and electronic notepads for keeping personal aprecies or sharing aprecies over a network. It is developed by an International Development Consortium. The “AHPC” is an initiative of over veinte partners in a global development Consortium, which includes technical institutions, development-assistance agencies and private-ámbito companies. | Desconocido