Creating A Role

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Libro Creating A Role de Constantin Stanislavski

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‘Here then is more word from the master. It is a book for all theatre professionals as well as students. Whether in agreement or disagreement with it, you cannot help being stimulated and enriched by it’ Robert Lewis, Founder of the Actors Studio, USA In his most famous first book, An Actor Prepares, Stanislavski dealt with the inner imaginative processes. In the second Building a Character, he concentrated on the body, the voice and other physical means of expression. In Creating a Role, the third book, he describes the elaborate preparation that antecedes actual performance, with substantial analysis given to Othello and Gogol’s, Inspector General. This edition, now reprinted with a new cover at a more accessible price, has stood the test of time for actors all over the world, was the original English language translation and is a classic text for every actors library. ‘Creating a Role is a brilliant little treatise and a careful reading is worth several lessons in almost any English acting academy’ Converses Marowitz, The Observer | Constantin Stanislavski