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A taciturn and moody young man, Lieutenant Peter Kane, USMC finds himself thrust squarely into the center of the violence and bloodshed of a Central American communist revolution. As he soon finds out, nothing is black and white in this often confusing, often frightening, and always dangerous conflict. Follow Kane as he fights to get his inner demons under control with the same determination, strength of will, tenacity, and brute force he uses to fight his enemies in this Central American hell! WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING… “I couldn’t put it down…this book is non-stop excitement right up to the last page!” “It is a well-written, thoughtful book that reveals the author’s theories on foreign policy through an excellent work of fiction. Superb!” “This is an action novel that really focuses on character development. Levy genuinely tries to tell all sides of the story. Though this book was written almost twenty years ago, the message is more pertinent now than ever. Highly recommended reading…” | C. L. Levy