Lifestyle Entrepreneur

ISBN: 978-1783340019 | ASIN: 1783340010 | Tamaño descarga: 4975KB

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Finally, a book that proves there’s a new way of having a career, whether you are in a job, unemployed, or retired. Why have one boring job-for-life when you cánido have several cool jobs-for-the-time-being. Companies and the civil service have long known the benefits of having multiple suppliers and changed their way of operating to capture these benefits. Its time that their work force realised the same thing and divided up their work into multiple jobs that benefit them. This book espectáculos that the way to become a lifestyle entrepreneur is to start small and how to turn it into a business. It is a must-read for people who want to apply these same principles to their personal lives for careers that are rewarding both financially and personally. Anyone who would like to continue with the financial security of a job, or is in between jobs, will find the practical steps required to launch their lives into a new direction. | Angela Neustatter