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Críticas This book is so honest and pure as to count as a true rapture Joan Didion Patti Smith has graced us with a poetic masterpiece, a rare and privileged invitation to unlatch a treasure chest never before breached Johnny Depp A tender, harrowing, often hilarious portrait of young lovers forging their paths in an eccentric milieu of Beat poets, Warhol socialites, and transvestites, rock stars and artists Vogue The most beautiful, incredible autobiography – it will make you ache for a time and a place that you probably never knew, New York in the 1970s Nick Hornby She was once our savage Rimbaud, but suffering has turned her into our St John of the Cross, a mystic full of compassion Edmund White I didn’t know how she could possibly match her first memoir, Just Kids, but she has. It’s a marvellous book – funny and tender and, at times, desperately sad … she even manages to make grief beautiful — Bella Freud Porter As a portrait of a thrifty poetic temperament, this book is sublime. Patti Smith can still make sitting alone on her stoop on New Year’s Eve, watching the drunken revellers, seem like the coolest thing in the world – certainly better than being one of them — Suzi Feay Financial Times In M Train, her new memoir, readers will get a feel for her simple, often ascetic life. In it, Smith walks the streets of New York, drinks coffee (lots of coffee), reflects and writes … This book is even better (than Just Kids): more meditative, more bound to her authentic life rather than another’s story — Erica Wagner Harper’s Bazaar Another beautifully written installment in a well-traveled life GQ M Train begins in the tiny Greenwich Village cafe where Smith goes every morning to write, but from there takes you to every corner of her mind Observer Beautiful Irish Times Extraordinary Woman & Home Superb Daily Telegraph A blend of memoir and diary that forms a stroll through her familial and poetical past … Within Smith’s peripatetic, creative life are reassuring moments of ordinariness Radio Times Touching, funny, emotional and highly atmospheric, starting in Cafe ‘Ino, in Greenwich Village, it’s a travelogue of her life and a ruminating odyssey Big Issue She writes brilliantly, she loves unconditionally, everything is meaningful … An extraordinary book about creation and what happens in the spaces between making art: the sheer loneliness of it … She believes absolutely in the power of art. The price she has paid to become a serious artist is hers and no one else’s. She is transformed by art as she transforms it. This, she knows, is the real deal. Because she lives it — Suzanne Moore New Statesman A digressive, dream-like compendium of obsessions and preoccupations: artists, writers, cafes, travel, black coffee and brown bread and, most endearingly, British detective shows Mojo She reflects candidly on the landscapes of her bumpy life … From Michigan to Mexico, inhabited by her heroes, from poets to Arctic explorers Saga Difficult second memoir syndrome, perhaps: but Smith conquers it in style, delivering reminiscences about writing, reading and married life with Fred "Sonic" Smith — Ludovic Hunter-Tilney Financial Times For Christmas I’ve asked for M Train, the new memoir by Patti Smith – she’s always been a heroine and her voice is just as original as her prose as in her songs — Stephanie Merritt Observer This was the year… "Punk’s poet laureate" rocked the world with more of her rebel spirit and lyricism, publishing M Train Porter Magazine Patti Smith’s M Train is more novelistic and lyrical … complete with a collection of pre-Instagram, personal black and white arty shots. She calls it "a roadmap to my life". It’s classy, elegant and addictive — Viv Groskop Observer Patti Smith’s M Train is all about quietness and solitude, warmly documenting a largely uneventful period in her life in which she gives talks, tends to her cats, and generally goes about her business The Times Books of the Year Patti Smith’s second slice of memoir after Just Kids is just as engaging. M Train, a book about nothing and everything, as our minstrel-poet travels the world in search of muses, coffee and Scandinavian noir. It reads like a dream, and you’ll long for a freewheeling life like hers — Simon Garfield Big Issue Books of the Year The autobiographical M Train is a lyrical look at a woman who accepts the world’s melancholy and magic, and is determined to find inspiration everywhere Psychologies | Patti Smith