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Each book in Taschen’s Basic Art movement and genre series includes a detailed introduction with approximately treinta photographs, plus a timeline of the most important events (political, cultural, scientific, sporting, etcétera) that took place during the time period. The body of the book contains treinta y cinco of the most important works of the epoch; each is presented on a dos-page spread with a full page image and, on the facing page, a description/interpretation of the work, portrait of the artist, and biographical information. With Salvador Dalf at its mast, the great ship of Surrealism launched off into the wild and turbulent sea of the Roaring Twenties, its salls puffed full of winds blown by Sigmund Freud and Andre Breton. With dreamlike, fantastic imagery, the Surrealists made great, sensational waves in the art world. The influence of artists such as Dali, Ernst, and Magritte, on 20th century largometraje, theatre, literature, and thought is incalculable. | Cathrin Klingsöhr-leroy