The Better Angels

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Libro The Better Angels de Robert A. Mills

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A World War II thriller/comedy/romance in the classic style of literary Americana, the sort of novel rarely seen since “From Here to Eternity”, “The High and the Mighty”, and “Rally Round the Flag, Boys” CIVILIANS FLYING MILITARY AIRCRAFT? TERRORISTS AND ASSASSINS INFILTRATING THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH? Fiction? Fantasy? Perhaps . . . depending on what one might uncover wading through forgotten files at the Pentagon “A combination of nostalgia and high-intensity suspense . . . reminded [us] of Max Shulman at his best . . . a humorous look at a young man’s life during WWII.” says WRITERS’ DIGESTA resurgence of interest in World War II is “part of a curious obsession among baby boomers for their daddies’ war,” says Jay Bookman of the ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTIONREADER COMMENTS:“If you like Grisham, Clancy, Kootz, and Irving – you’ll love this guy Mills!” Frederick Weaver“Last time I looked there were eight World War II classics. Now there are nine.” Penny NormanTHE BETTER ANGELS, an adventure-to-end-all-adventures for three unlikely American civilians inextricably immersed in World War II . . . An intense, exciting, and suspenseful novel with non-stop action, romance, drama, and comedy, THE BETTER ANGELS reads with the visual impact of a major movie“Tremendously thrilling; brought back vivid memories of that frightful, exciting time.” Martha Rumsey“I hated to finish it. Like saying goodbye to three good friends. Scenes at Biltmore are sensational” Lee WedgeworthThis extraordinary novel captures the spirit of America and the South when, in mid-20th century, the better angels of our nature, of an entire nation, dropped their diapers, spread their wings, and came of ageRobert A. Mills, of Atlanta, won the coveted annual Seventeen Magazine Short Story Award . . . For three decades a leading personality on the NBC TV affiliate in Western New York, his work has appeared in the Canadian Forum and other literary magazines. He wrote a majority of chapters for ATLANTA HEIGHTS, AccessAtlanta’s interactive Internet novel | Robert A. Mills