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Magnum Photos acknowledged her magnificent career by naming her a full member in 2009. Garcia Rodero has published books such as Espana Oculta, an award winner at the Arlés festival, Europa, el sur, Rituales en Haitï; Gabarka, el monte de las 6000 cruces ; Maria Lionza, la diosa de los ojos de agua, and Cristina Garcia Rodero (PHotoBolsillo, La Fébrica Editorial). She has received the W Eugene Smith Foundation Prize (1989), the Dr. Erich Salomon Prize (1990), Spain’s National Photography Award (1996), the PHotoEspaha Bartolomé Ros Award (2000), the Godé Photojournalism Prize (2001) and the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Art (2005). She has participated in the Venice Biennale (2001 and 2005) and shown her work in spaces such as the Prado Museum and MoMA PSI. She is currently working on “Between Heaven and Earth” in which she explores spirituality and the body in order to speak of the dualities of life and its contradictions. “Garcia Rodero rasons to photography as a contemporary technology to explore the very depths of the human soul.” Rosa Martinez | Cristina García Rodero